White Blouses

Women's White Shirts

Women's White Shirts

There's no denying the effortless style and pure sophistication that a good white shirt brings to the wearer. A staple wardrobe item for decades, shirts in white have been worn by women as an addition to their everyday work outfit, for formal occasions, and even as a way to add a touch of sophistication to their day-to-day outfit. At Lands' End, we have a huge variety of cute white shirts available on our website, from long-sleeved, fitted, buttoned pieces to stylish short-sleeved patterned shirts. So, whatever you're looking for, you can be confident you'll find something you absolutely love.

If you're seeking a classic and professional outfit for every day at work, the best white shirt for women you could choose would be a long-sleeved one. Pair one of these with a fitted blazer in a color of your choice along with black trousers or black skinny jeans and ballet flats to achieve a laid-back and effortless yet incredibly sophisticated look. A white blouse also looks incredible paired with jeggings for women - in any color!

When running errands on colder days, layer a plain white shirt with a fluffy cashmere sweater or cardigan in a flattering shade such as baby pink or light blue. Pair this with jeans and boots for a trendy everyday look.

When it comes to pieces that are flattering that make the wearer both look and feel great, there is no denying the power of a good white shirt for women. Not only does white look fantastic on anyone, but it can also be worn well together with every other color. At Lands' End, we have always prided ourselves on designing clothing, footwear, and accessories for anyone and everyone. No matter what your gender, age, tastes, preferences, or lifestyle choices, you can always be reassured you'll find what you're looking for on the Lands' End website.

Browse Lands' End's selection to find a white shirt in women's styles today that will become the perfect staple item for your wardrobe.