Women's Waterproof Winter Coats

Women's Waterproof Winter Coats & Waterproof Winter Jackets

Women's Waterproof Winter Coats & Waterproof Winter Jackets

Discover women’s waterproof winter coats that have it all. The waterproof winter jackets repel the wet and cold so you stay warm as you commute to work, head out for errands and shovel snow off the walk. The waterproof winter parkas also are stylish with an updated classic style that goes with just about everything in your closet. And the fit is what you’d expect from us – the waterproof long winter coats and shorter ones come in a variety of sizes to fit every body. 

We have a variety of women’s waterproof coats, including our legendary 3-in-1 Squall® women’s winter coats. These waterproof winter jackets are actually two coats – a warm inner coat and a waterproof outer shell. You can wear them as one waterproof parka, or you can wear them separately. So it’s like having three women’s winter coats, ones for warmer days to one of the coldest. 

When we design our women’s winter jackets, we only use the best materials. Our down alternative has the highest warmth ratings without being bulky so the women’s waterproof winter jackets are easy to move in. We also have waterproof winter parkas made with the best natural down that is specially treated so it stays warm and lofty even when wet. The result: Waterproof winter coats you can count on, whether driving into work or skiing. 

We are in Wisconsin so we know how to make the warmest women’s waterproof winter coats. Features like cuffs and closures are designed to keep the cold out, and the women’s winter coats have two-way zippers for venting and easy on-and-off. There are also waterproof winter jackets with faux fur hoods for added warmth. And we rate our waterproof winter parkas by temperature so it’s easy to find the right ones for your climate.