Long Torso Plus-Size Bust-Minimizing Swimwear

Tall Plus Bust-Minimizing Swimwear

Tall Plus Bust-Minimizing Swimwear

Look forward to sophisticated style and endless comfort, thanks to women's tall plus-size bust-minimizing swimsuits from Lands' End. Our versatile designs have what it takes to give you confidence, no matter what summertime fun you have planned. You can wear these chic bathing suits from the beach to the pool and beyond, all while showing off your elegant sense of style.

You can count on our tall plus bust-minimizing swimwear when you're looking for styles that minimize your bust. We've put together this swimwear collection with your needs in mind. The result? Bathing suits that give you confidence when you set out to enjoy all that the warm weather has to offer.

We feature a range of designs in this collection of long torso plus-size bust-minimizing swimwear, so you're sure to find a swimsuit that fits right in with your warm-weather wardrobe. Pair a tankini top with a plus-size swim skirt at the beach one day, then wear a classic one-piece for some poolside lounging the next. With swimsuits this stylish, you're ready for anything.

We offer long torso plus-size women's bust-minimizing swimwear in an assortment of colors and patterns, so you're sure to find plenty of looks to love when you shop this selection. From summer-ready floral prints to sophisticated polka dots, to chic solid colors like black and navy, Lands' End has it all.

Pack a canvas tote bag with beach towels for the whole family, then get ready to enjoy a day at the shore. Time to unwind next to the pool? These elegant swimsuits are perfectly suited to casual hangouts as well. Whether you're headed to the water park or you're enjoying time with loved ones in your own backyard, these Lands' End swim styles are ready for anything.

As always, you can shop with confidence, knowing any bathing suit you choose will deliver a great fit and all-day-long comfort. Shop the Lands' End collection of tall plus-size bust-minimizing swimwear for women today.