Chlorine-Resistant Tall Plus Swimsuit Tops

Tall Plus Chlorine-Resistant Swimsuit Tops

Tall Plus Chlorine-Resistant Swimsuit Tops

We all love swimming leisurely laps in the pool, but we hate how the chlorine impacts our favorite swimsuits. This common pool chemical eats away at swimsuit fabrics, fades their colors, and reduces their elasticity so they don't hold their shape. However, you can enjoy time in the pool without worrying about frequent swimsuit upgrades. Simply choose chlorine-resistant tall plus swim tops from Lands' End.

These swim tops are all crafted from durable nylon or polyester with a dash of LYCRA Xtra Life spandex. Just like regular spandex, this material makes our swimsuits ultra-flexible for easy movement in the water. However, its special formula lasts 10 times longer than regular spandex, even when it's exposed to chlorine, sunscreen, and sweat. So feel free to swim longer, knowing your swim top won't let you down.

We designed our tall plus chlorine resistant swim tops with statuesque sisters like you in mind. They are longer than standard swimsuits with wider waistlines that accommodate curves. Most styles also have adjustable straps which you can shorten or lengthen for the perfect fit. For a bold statement look, try one of our eye-catching strapless long torso plus chlorine-resistant swimsuit tops.

While these chlorine-resistant swimwear tops for tall plus women have plenty of practical perks, we haven't forgotten about style. Browse the Lands' End collection for the cutest swim tops in various block colors and classic prints. Some have dramatic plunging necklines which highlight your assets while others with more modest cuts have a retro appeal. No matter what look you love, you'll find it at Lands' End.

Find swim bottoms that complement our tall plus chlorine-resistant swimsuit tops or choose a contrasting pair of plus-size swim shorts or a plus-size swim skirt to really stand out. 

Shop at Lands' End today, where we have the sizes and styles you need to give you the freedom to mix and match our swim apparel your way.