Tall Black Leggings

Women’s Tall Black Leggings

Women’s Tall Black Leggings

One of the most versatile items in any woman’s closet is black leggings. They can be worn during hard workouts, underneath sweater dresses, with a tunic, or paired with a long button-down top. The versatility of leggings shows when it comes to shoe options, too. They can be worn with boots, booties, athletic sneakers, flats, fashion sneakers, and sandals. In other words, leggings are truly a key to limitless outfit options.

The best tall black leggings are leggings that come in a range of options, and at Lands’ End, our tall black leggings come in mid-rise, high-rise compression, active seamless, and fleece-lined varieties. There are many leggings to choose from, so you can easily find the pair (or pairs) that best suits your needs.

The only rule to legging-wearing is that the shirt, sweater, jacket, or dress you choose to wear with them should cover your bottom. To be worn as pants, it’s said that your bottom needs to be covered by the top half of your outfit. So, opt for one of your go-to long tunics or an open-front duster cardigan. And once that one rule is followed, you’re all set to wear your leggings out and about, whether you’re attending your child’s baseball game, your niece’s dance recital, a fun dinner with friends, or stocking up on seasonal decor from your local home store.

Black leggings can be swapped in for black jeans in most outfits, so keep that in mind when you’re planning an outfit. The main difference is that leggings can also be worn to work out, unlike black jeans.

Women's Tall Black Leggings

Many of our women's tall black leggings have a wide, comfy elastic waist that’s as comfortable as the leggings themselves. Most of our leggings are made from a cotton and spandex blend that gives you the best of all worlds—stretch, quality, and warmth. Our tall black leggings are never see-through, either, so even if you do decide to break the legging-as-pants rule, you won’t be at risk of having your undergarments shown to the world.

Best of all, leggings may look as good as a pair of trusty jeans, but they’re infinitely more comfortable. You can easily snuggle up on the couch while wearing your favorite ladies tall black leggings—you may forget you’re not in your cozy flannel pajamas.