Solid Swimsuit Tops

Women's Solid Swimsuit Top

Women's Solid Swimsuit Top

When you're shopping for a women's swimsuit top, solid or patterned is one of the key choices you must make. Patterned swimsuit tops are great fun, but swim tops with a single plain color can be more versatile. Their solid colors provide the perfect base for building your favorite swim look. Browse through the selection of solid-colored swim tops at Land's End to discover all the possibilities.

A solid swim top works with any kind of women's swim bottom, so you enjoy ultimate freedom with this choice. Pair your chosen swim top with a plain swim bottom in the same color for a complementary look or contrast it with a different hue for a bolder swimsuit. Solid swim tops also look great with Land's End's printed swim bottoms. Choose a pattern featuring one of the colors in your swim top for a fun, fashionable look.

Our solid swimsuit tops also look their best with any style of swim bottoms. Show off your legs with bikini briefs or enjoy some extra coverage wearing a pair of women's swim shorts or a feminine swim skirt. You could even choose swim bottoms in a range of styles to create a selection of different summer looks.

We proudly carry a range of styles of solid swimsuit tops for women with all tastes and body types. Our plain women's bikini tops can show off hard-earned abs while tankinis with tummy control create a smooth silhouette, free of lumps and bumps. Swim tops with plunging necklines make the most of womanly curves, while tops with high necklines can hide away cleavage. Whatever swimwear style makes you feel the most comfortable, Land's End has a swim top that delivers.

Create the swimsuit that makes you feel the most confident with a women's solid swimsuit top from Land's End. Browse our collection for the perfect plain swim top. Most styles are available in a range of different solid colors, sizes, and shapes. So whether you're a standard fit, have a long torso, or are proudly plus-sized, Land's End's solid-colored swim tops can help you look and feel fabulous.