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Tights for Women

Tights for Women

Looking for socks and tights for women? Lands' End is pleased to offer the high-quality hosiery basics you need to build a complete outfit, including practical, everyday womens socks, stockings and tights for women. From boot socks to performances athletic socks, our great selection of women's socks and pantyhose has what you need whether you are going to work in a conservative office or going downhill skiing!

With colder weather approaching, you may wish to stock up on opaque tights for women that give your women's dresses and skirts lots of seasonal flexibility. If womens socks are your priority, we also offer warm, soft socks for lounging, performance socks for outdoor activities and the boot socks women many prefer to keep cozy and free of chafing in any boots. You'll also want to stock up on no-show ladies socks to keep your feet blister-free in your sneakers as your workouts move indoors. Consider trouser socks or conservative-colored crew socks if you like to sport chic loafers in the office or plan on trying booties which are still on-trend for fall.

For some ladies, tights for women are an integral part of every work outfit, and Lands' End is here for it! Get plenty of Lands' End's fabulous opaque tights for women, so you will always have a pair to go with your skirts or work dresses. Watch our collection of tights for women as the seasons change to find a greater selection including matte finish tights, tights with a bit of sparkle, cable-knit tights or tights featuring a control top. This array of legwear means that while black opaque tights are a ubiquitous choice for women everywhere several months of the year, you can still choose exactly the tights you want to suit your taste and style. Womens socks and hosiery are a matter of personal comfort, and we want to provide for that.

Our high-quality socks and tights for women are perfect for almost every Lands’ End shopper. Because we carry most of our ladies socks year ‘round, you can shop ahead for no-show socks you may need next season as you select the boot socks and crew socks you need right now. You can peruse our sale and clearance items before they are gone, or shop for in-season womens socks to wear with your loafers and booties. Shop our collection of women's socks and pantyhose today!