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A Line Skirt

Women's Black or White, Denim, Pleated, Plaid, Long, High Waisted A Line Skirts

When you choose a fashionable a line skirt from Lands' End, you'll enjoy a piece that offers the best of both worlds. Womens a line skirts are known for their comfortable, figure-flattering cut that's versatile to wear. They also provide flirty, eye-catching movement every time you walk for plenty of style. Whether you're dressing for work and want an a line skirt and jacket or want a skirt for an easy knit a line skirt for everyday wear, you'll find exactly what you're searching for among Lands' End's womens a line skirts.

Winter is upon us, and an a line skirt paired with tights and a sweater are a warm but professional option. With a variety of colors and styles available, you're sure to find the perfect option. Enhance the luxury and elegance of your outfit by selecting a beautiful cashmere sweater from our impressive array. A line skirts work well in cold weather and pair perfectly with knee-high boots.

Select a neutral a line skirt and pair with a women's blazer to get the look of an a line skirt suit. An a line skirt and jacket are easy to wear, but still look polished and professional without the jacket. It's an excellent, versatile look for any workplace from casual to conservative. Womens a line skirts pair with a women's blouse for sophisticated style and are topped beautifully with a cardigan sweater. Layers guarantee your comfort throughout the day in varied weather.

Shop the Lands' End collection of womens a line skirts to find a professional a line skirt suit or an easy knit a line skirt. Check out our a line skirt options and add this flattering and easy-to-wear style to your wardrobe.