Women's Red Jackets

Red Jackets for Women

Red Jackets for Women

Red is a very popular color and with good reason. Owning a women’s red jacket can be the statement piece you have been looking for. Red easily attracts the eyes and can pull a look that is stunning and elegant. Our red jacket collection includes packable down, fleece, pullovers, barn coats, vests, parkas, and raincoats. Lands’ End offers red jackets for women in regular and plus sizes. Cooler weather is just ahead, so beat the rush and order your red jacket or coat today! When searching for jackets for women be sure to consider red with some of your top color choices. 

What Does the Color Red Mean?

Red evokes a variety of feelings. Depending on how it is used it can be Interpreted as love, desire, passion, longing, romance, strength, courage, danger, anger, wrath, vibrancy, determination, leadership, joy, radiance, and sensitivity. It is a powerful color that is often utilized in the corporate world to place focus on leadership and strength. 

Red happens to be the first color that was mastered, fabricated, reproduced, and broken down into a variety of different shades by humans. It was often used in royal colors and a lot of flags across the globe utilize red. 

Red is a pleasing color that gets us visually excited. It can easily catch the eye when in a crowded room. 

Different Types of Red Jackets for Women

  • Packable Down Jacket - These jackets are typically filled with down feathers to make them lightweight and warm. 
  • Fleece Jackets - Fleece jackets are perfect for transitioning weather. This material is warm, will deter the wind, and wicks away moisture. 
  • Vest - Vests are the perfect alternative to a traditional women’s coat or jacket. They provide an extra layer of warmth while allowing you to have more motion with your arms. 
  • Barn Coats - These coats are typically lightweight but very warm. Some may be constructed with canvas. Most barn coats will button up rather than have a full zipper. 
  • Rain Jackets - Raincoats are a must-have for those who like to adventure outdoors. A good rain jacket will allow you to hike even when the rain is pouring down. 
  • Parka - A parka jacket will be more geared toward winter weather. These jackets are heavy-weight and typically have a hood. Some may even have multiple layers. 

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