Quilted Jackets for Women

Quilted Women Jackets

Quilted Women Jackets

Quilted jackets for women have become a staple in the fashion industry. These jackets have a modern look with an old-world feel. Our women’s quilted jacket category includes vests, maxi coats, bomber jackets, barn coats, patchwork quilted jackets, wrap coats, plush jackets, snap-neck pullovers, down vests, and hybrid fleece pullovers. 

What is a Quilted Womens Jacket?

Quilted coats have a distinct look about them. These coats involve putting down or synthetic fibers inside the jacket and separating the stuffing with stitching. Quilted women's jackets are the perfect statement piece as they do not look like ordinary jackets. They have beautiful stitching that will be adored by all those around you. Of course, stitching is commonly used in quilting, and the reason why these are known as quilted women's jackets and coats.  The most common pattern is a kite or diamond pattern. It is a distinct look that is classic and casual at the same time.

While women may favor their fleece jackets for transitioning weather, a quilted jacket can easily be used during colder temperatures. These jackets can easily replace your old winter coats, as the down material is very warm.  These jackets can be worn for casual or formal events. They are the perfect solution for working women who dress up every day for work.

Puffer jackets are a sort of quilted coat. They have puffy sections between the stitching. These coats are insulated with down or synthetic fibers, which will provide a lot of warmth. 

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