Purple Low Waist Swim Bottoms

Purple Low Waist Swim Bottoms for Women

Purple Low Waist Swim Bottoms for Women

Enjoy the outstanding quality and style of these purple low waist swim bottoms from Lands' End. These low-cut items are the perfect choice for ladies who want swim bottoms that sit well below the belly button. They have a lower cut in the back than our mid-rise swim bottoms as well, so your bikini bottoms won't get in the way of your tan.

Some of these purple low waist swim bottoms for women offer UPF 50 sun protection for covered areas only. This is the highest level of sun protection that you can get from apparel. While you'll still need to slather on the sunscreen for all exposed parts of your skin, the right apparel can keep you covered in intimate areas. For more coverage, you can pair these bottoms with a women's rash guard from our collection.

Our selection of women's bikini tops offers a seemingly endless range of options to create a flatting suit with these women's purple low waist swim bottoms. Whether you're looking for a tankini, bra-style swimsuit top, or something in between, you'll have options to explore. Mix and match your color pairings for added interest, or select a perfectly coordinated suit with a top and bottom in the same color or pattern.

At Lands' End, we make it as easy as possible to create a look that fits your personal style. From our low waist purple swim bottoms and flattering bikini tops to our beach cover ups, bags, and swim shoes, we have everything you'll need to enjoy a day of fun in the sun.

Start shopping our swimwear at Lands' End now to create the pretty purple bikini you've always wanted. With a variety of hues, prints, and patterns to choose from, we have something that will fit your tastes. Check out these sleek women's low waist purple swim bottoms and find your new favorite when you shop at Lands' End today.