Purple Leggings

Women's Purple Leggings & Maroon Leggings

Women's Purple Leggings & Maroon Leggings

Whether you're looking for loungewear or workout clothing, you can shop with Lands' End to discover top quality leggings. Our leggings are designed with your needs in mind. Leggings are comfortable and flexible bottoms that are perfect for the woman on the go. If you're seeking a unique pair of leggings, consider browsing what Lands' End has to offer in purple leggings.

Purple is a bold and royal color. You can express your unique and vivid personality with a pair of women's purple leggings. You can wear these leggings with a matching purple top if you're heading to the gym or to a yoga class. You can also layer a neutral color tunic, flannel shirt, or sweater with purple wine leggings for a stylish casual outfit.

If you're looking to buy purple leggings, Lands' End is your ideal destination. Our bottoms are built to last. Whether you plan on wearing your leggings to the gym or around the house, you can have peace of mind knowing your leggings can withstand a lot of wear. The leggings you can find at Lands' End are also machine washable, so caring for your leggings will be easy and simple.

Brown boots, purple leggings, and a brown womens winter coat make for a stylish and unique winter outfit. You can show off your style, while also staying warm and cozy in this outfit. Find all of these fashionable pieces when shopping our selection at Lands' End!

The maroon leggings we have available at Lands' End are flexible and move with your body. The elastic waistband on the leggings contours to your body, promising a comfortable fit. This waistband also moves when you move, so you won't feel confined or restricted when going about your day. If you're looking for comfortable and breathable clothing, be sure to check out the leggings we have available.

We have regular and petite leggings in the color purple. Narrow your search by specific size to find the perfect pair of leggings for your body type. If you're looking for bright and vivid leggings, Lands' End is the perfect place to shop!