Polyester Shirts

100% Polyester Shirts

100% Polyester Shirts

If you're shopping for a women's top that offers great value for money, consider getting a polyester shirt. Polyester shirts are made of strong fibers, making them more durable than many other types of shirts. Additionally, they're suitable for warm weather and physical activities because of their moisture-wicking properties. Another benefit of these shirts is that they're more resistant to wrinkling, so they can keep you looking neat all day. Lands' End is one of the best places to shop for polyester T-shirts, shirts, and blouses because we have an extensive array of designs, colors, patterns, and sizes available.

If you're looking for polyester blouses, check out our popular women's keyhole soft blouses. Made of an extremely soft and lightweight 100% polyester fabric, these blouses feature a flowing silhouette, distinctive keyhole neckline, and pretty pleats to make you look feminine and elegant. They look great whether you wear them tucked or untucked, making them suitable for both casual and professional settings. These 100% polyester shirts go well with all kinds of women's bottoms, from dress pants to Bermuda shorts to capri pants for women. They come in different lengths, sleeve-lengths, designs, and colors to suit the tastes and preferences of different women.

Another great option is our women's polyester long-sleeve shirt with covered placket. Also made of 100% polyester, this shirt features a crepe fabric with that's flowy and lightly textured for a casual yet elegant look. Its graceful drape enhances your body shape, while its banded round collar and covered placket give you a neat appearance. Additionally, it's easy-care fabric ensures that it'll remain beautiful after repeated washing. This long-sleeve shirt comes in a wide range of colors, including black, silver graphite, true blue, and bold berry.

For something that can be worn for both work and play, take a look at our rolled-sleeve soft blouse. This top is made of a high-quality polyester fabric that's exceptionally soft and easy to care for. You can roll up the sleeves when you're in a casual setting or let them down for the perfect office look.

Whether you're looking for a casual, professional, or elegant-looking polyester shirt or blouse, you can rest assured you'll find your ideal piece in the right size at Lands' End. Our women's polyester tops are designed to make you look stylish without sacrificing comfort and durability. Start browsing our store now to add a new favorite top to your wardrobe.