Plus Size Womens Quilted Vest

Plus Size Quilted Vest

Plus Size Quilted Vest

Wrap yourself in the unparalleled warmth of a Plus Size Quilted Vest from Lands’ End. A plus size quilted vest provides three-season protection and creates fashion-forward looks; for example, a plus size womens quilted vest is a way to add warmth to an outfit while maintaining arm mobility and looking great, too. A women’s vest is perfect for hiking or horse riding! Find a high-quality, long-lasting women’s winter vest at Lands' End. 

A plus size quilted puffer vest is a must-have for your outerwear wardrobe. The layering versatility of a plus size ladies quilted vest makes it useful almost all year long, not just in winter. Layer it over a t-shirt and your favorite plus size fleece jacket to stay cozy on a brisk fall day or layer it under a plus size parka for cold, snowy days. Browse our assortment to find your ideal vest, whether that is a plus size quilted puffer vest in ivory to make your ski accessories really pop or a plus size quilted down vest for ice skating or winter hiking.

Notice that our assortment of plus size woven vest options includes several temperature ratings. The lightweight down vests are sleek and flattering with no bulk, but still provide great warmth. If you're looking for comfort and softness, a winter vest might be the perfect addition to your outerwear! Show off your individuality with your favorite color or a cheery print plus size womens quilted vest. 

Our vests, including each plus size down vest, includes features you need, like wind and water resistance, generous pockets and interior baffles to prevent feather shifting. Browse the fashionable, durable, great value plus size quilted puffer vest and plus size woven vest collection at Lands’ End!