Plus Size Wide Leg Pull On Pants

Plus Size Pull On Flare Pants

Plus Size Pull On Flare Pants

If you're looking for a pair of pants that are comfortable to wear for a range of occasions and are in keeping with all the latest fashions and trends, shop at Lands' End today for a pair of our plus-size wide-leg pull-on pants. A perfect wardrobe staple that can be worn both indoors and outdoors, our plus-size wide-leg pants are readily available in a variety of colors, styles, fits, and lengths. Whether you're shopping for yourself or as a gift for someone special, our plus-size flare pants can be worn all year round.

Our plus-size flare-leg pants are also a fantastic item of clothing to wear for work. Choose a pair in navy blue or black and combine it with a classic plus size white blouse and blazer combo for that ultimate sophisticated vibe. For relaxing within the home or popping outdoors to run errands, wear our plus-size pull-on flare pants with a classic T-shirt or women’s plus size polo shirt. If you live in a region with chilly temperatures, our flared pull-on pants also look fantastic when worn with a classic plus size sweater. 

If you're familiar with the Lands' End brand, then you'll be aware of our longstanding commitment to provide just as much choice and variety in our clothing for our plus-size customers. While many retailers can fall into the trap of catering their products only to a specific type of customer, we make sure we think of anyone and everyone. With Lands' End, you can always be confident that you can find whatever you're looking for on our website, no matter what your age, dress size, gender, or lifestyle choices.

Browse our extensive collection today and choose a pair of our flared pull-on pants for wearing around the home, running errands, or for your daily tasks at work. Shop Lands' End today to find the size and styles that are perfect for you.