Plus Size Wide Legs Jeans

Women's Plus Size Wide Leg Jeans

Women's Plus Size Wide Leg Jeans

If you're buying clothes that are in step with the latest fashion trends, plus-size, wide-leg jeans are making a comeback! From fashion icons to everyday consumers, buyers are choosing from a wide selection of quality Lands' End plus-size, wide-leg denim jeans with stylish designs. The casual fit works well with your signature clothing pieces. Its versatile cut is perfect for special occasions or relaxing around the house. Are you spending time with friends? Showcase your understated look with pants which flatter your physique. Whether you want classic or contemporary fashion, you'll find what you're looking for at Lands' End.

Wide-leg pants date back to the 1500s, a fashion staple for the wealthy aristocrats. In the 1970s, hippies wore a similar bell-bottom fashion design. However, the hip hop artists sparked a resurgence in popularity for the wide-leg jeans cut in the 2000s. Unlike bell-bottom jeans, the entire length of the fabric is wide. The design affords the wearer maximum flexibility and comfort. In 2019, the ‘70s vibe is coming back in style. Loosefitting women's plus-size, wide-leg jeans are immensely popular. The classic pants help streamline your body's appearance. It's one of the hottest denim trends this season.

At Lands' End, we offer styles that match the way you live. You can buy with confidence that our beautiful jeans will fit you comfortably. Dress down on your days off in natural, cotton fabric. It's a versatile addition to your closet. With a variety of ways to mix and match, the jeans work well with sweaters and tops which complement your style.

Pick a wool blend or cotton plus size cardigan to keep you warm in inclement weather. You'll dazzle by matching the women's wide-leg trouser jeans with crop tops, cotton plus size shirts, plus size workout tops, waist tops, or blazers, making a bold statement without saying a word.

Wear these jeans with confidence, exuding confidence, power, and presence. Your accessories complete the look, providing the wow factor which draws admirers. From comfortable shoes to jewelry that pops, inspire yourself with unique styling choices. These jeans come in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and colors that will enhance your appearance. At Land's End, you're sure to discover the perfect pair of chic, fashionable plus size jeans or plus size yoga pants with matching tops and accessories which make you feel and look great.