Plus-Size Turtlenecks

Plus-Size Mock Necks

Plus-Size Mock Necks

Plus Size Turtlenecks

Nothing says classic quite like a turtleneck. The ever-reliable top is a cold-weather staple that fits easily into fall and winter wardrobes. This is the wear-anywhere and everywhere piece that you’ll turn to time and time again. Not only are our plus-size turtlenecks incredibly versatile, but they’re also some of the most comfortable tops you can wear. Available in a wide assortment of colors and patterns, they’re designed to do more than just fit—they also flatter your body with ease.

Ultra-soft cotton sets them apart, lending them the type of cozy comfort that will make you want to slip into them every chance you get. It just so happens that it’s easy to do exactly that! These women’s plus-size turtlenecks adapt to any environment. Layer one beneath a plus-size flannel shirt and add your favorite jeans and suede booties for a fall-ready look that’s just right for football games, apple picking, and hayrides with the kids. Slip one on beneath a tailored blazer and finish with smart trousers and pumps for a look suitable for the office.

That kind of flexibility makes turtlenecks for plus-size women a dream, no matter where the day might take you. Errand run? Outing with the family? Vacation? Big meeting? It’s all on the table where these turtlenecks are concerned. They’re inherently casual, but it’s easy to dress them up using key accessories like statement necklaces and elegant scarves. At the same time, you can swap your usual tunic tops and T-shirts for a polished turtleneck and still achieve the laid-back look you love. Turtlenecks have the innate ability to pull off any look.

Plus Size Mock Necks

Mix things up with plus-size mock necks. This stylish alternative offers substantial coverage, just like its higher-necked counterpart. Yet, the slightly lower-profile neckline lends your outfit a more contemporary look. It’s also a better choice if you favor something that is slightly less constricting. Maybe you tend to feel warm quickly or don’t want as much coverage in general, but also realize you may be dealing with uncomfortably cold conditions. Plus-size mock necks are a perfect alternative to the traditional turtleneck.

We design both styles with strict attention to detail. You’ll feel it in the way the supple cotton grazes your skin. Some varieties are made with luxurious Supima® cotton, a superior fabric known for its supreme softness. Some feature anti-wrinkle and anti-shrinkage properties that contribute to their longevity. Because they’re machine-washable, you can trust them to look just as fresh and fit just as well when they’re done as the day you bought them.

Whether you’re shopping for plus-size mock necks for women or standard turtlenecks, you’ll find just the right choice in this mix. After all, there’s nothing better than a top you can pair with everything from your favorite pair of plus size jeans to skirts. With that kind of advantage, you won’t need any excuses to snap up one or two to complete your wardrobe.