Women's Plus Size Slim Fit Jeans

Plus Size Slim Fit Jeans

Plus Size Slim Fit Jeans

Shop plus size slim jeans at Lands' End to find your perfect pair of plus size slim leg jeans! If you love skinny jeans but feel ready to try something new with like a sophisticated silhouette, plus size slim fit jeans might be just what you're looking for! Plus size tapered leg jeans can be the foundation for outfits both dressy and casual, our slim jeans look just as good with kitten heels as they do with penny loafers.

We strive to give you the best plus size slim jeans possible, with features that make sense for the curvy shopper. Plus size slim leg jeans with a just-right amount of give, contoured waistbands that don't gap and back pockets proportioned and positioned for maximum asset flattery are just some of the thoughtful details that make our plus size slim fit jeans women's best option in this attractive cut!

Plus size tapered leg jeans provide a young, attractive look that can be dressed up or down. Plus size slim leg jeans are just as sexy as skinny jeans, but are a bit more grown-up. Whether you pair them with a plus size blouse and a kitten heel or a slouchy plus size sweater and womens boots, plus size slim jeans will look pulled-together and trim. They give you more possibilities in footwear, too, as they transition into ballet flats, slip-on sneakers and wedges smoothly thanks to the not-too-tight ankle.

As always, you can shop with confidence at Lands' End. Thanks to our famous Guaranteed. Period.® program, you can return anything you don't completely love, so give plus size slim leg jeans a try, knowing you can send them back if they're not for you. But we think you'll really love plus size slim fit jeans, so browse our gorgeous collection of plus size slim jeans today!