Plus Size Pajamas

Pajamas for Plus-Size Women

Pajamas for Plus-Size Women

Plus-Size Pajamas

Comfortable plus-size pajamas are a must for everything from a relaxing night to better sleep. When you’re wearing soft fabrics and flawless silhouettes, you can be confident that you’ll feel your best as you drift off for the night. Our selection includes a wide assortment of styles available in a range of sizes to ensure there’s a great fit for everyone. Whether you love the flow of a nightgown, the convenience of a women’s pajama set, want to mix and match separates or have a thing for the warmest robes around, you’ll find just what you need in this mix.

Our pajamas for women in plus-size styles are designed with the softest fabrics imaginable, including ultra-soft Supima® cotton, toasty flannel, and ever-reliable fleece. No matter what the time of year, you’ll find the right choice that helps your skin breathe while you rest. It’s just the type of quality you can expect of our beautifully designed range. Every piece is designed to hold up well over time—something that’s super important because you can bet you’ll want to wear them over and over again.

As for variety, there’s plenty in this collection of plus-size sleepwear. Choose from flowing nightgowns in different lengths. Keep cool on spring and summer days, or try a longer length with full sleeves to keep you cozy during fall and winter. Find separates of all kinds, from shorts to pants to hoodies to camisoles.

Pajamas for Plus-Size Women

If you’re feeling creative, you won’t be able to resist designing fresh looks for every night of the week. These pajamas for plus-size women make it easy to dream up exciting combinations thanks to an assortment of colors and patterns. Take a light and neutral approach, or jazz things up with something bright and energetic. Add a fun print, like a holiday-worthy plaid, a summery check, a timeless stripe, or an upbeat floral. There’s so much here that you may not know where to start — but once you do, you’ll see just how easy it is to curate the ultimate nightwear wardrobe.

We prioritize fit so you can feel your best every hour of the day. Pants, from shorts to flannel pajamas, feature stretchy elastic waistbands. Some have adjustable drawstrings, allowing you to get the best possible fit. Breezy crew neck tees provide a laid-back choice for warm nights, while long-sleeve tops made with fleece and flannel wrap you up in a comforting hug.

Of course, everyone needs a great women’s plus size robe to add to their collection of comfortable plus-size PJs. Great for putting on after a hot shower or bath, for wearing during a spa day at home, or even for wrapping on as you unwind on the couch, our robes are available in many colors, styles, and lengths. You can easily express your great style while adding endless comfort to your comfy wardrobe.

What will it be today? Whether it’s warm or cool, you’ll find just the right choice here for you and your family. Don't forget to check out Lands' End family Christmas pajamas. Flattering, comfortable, and easy to wear, these are the year-round bedroom essentials you need to feel your best—so you can rest your best too.