Plus-Size Lounge Pants

Women's Plus Size Lounge Pants

Women's Plus Size Lounge Pants

When you're ready to relax, you want to make sure your clothing delivers comfort you can count on. This Lands' End collection of lounge pants has what it takes! Our plus-size designs offer a flattering fit for all your laid-back days.

You deserve your rest and relaxation. So when it's time to unwind, you want to make sure you have the clothing that keeps you comfortable! That's where this collection of plus-size lounge pants from Lands' End comes in. If you love the fit of your plus-size jeans and other pants from Lands' End, you're sure to find these loungewear pants comfortable and flattering. Then all that's left is to look forward to quiet moments when you can get comfy and relax!

Choose a color that suits your style and you're sure to look your best when you're relaxing, too. Our assortment of plus-size loungewear pants makes it easy to find the perfect pair. Go for a neutral hue like black, gray, or navy for sweatpants that are so easy to mix and match with all your favorite lounge tops and more. You can also add a pop of color with your pants! We offer sophisticated tones like olive green or purple as well.

Casual hang-outs get a serious upgrade from the pants in this plus size loungewear collection. Get cozy under some fleece blankets, put up a mug of delicious tea or cocoa, and settle down to read or watch TV. Keeping the kids entertained on a busy weekend? You'll love the comfort these pants provide on those days, too. You'll find yourself reaching for our lounge pants whenever you have some laid-back time at home!

Our loungewear also is incredibly easy to transition to time spent outside of the house. Our flattering, sophisticated designs mean you'll look your best when you need to run errands. Pair your sweatpants with plus-size summer shirts in warmer weather, or top them off with a hoodie or casual jacket in cooler temperatures.

No matter what you have planned, you can count on your lounge pants to deliver unparalleled comfort. Our soft, comfy materials are just what you need when it's time to unwind. And with plus-size lounge pants with pockets, you'll have incredible convenience, too!

You can always shop with total confidence at Lands' End. Comfortable materials come together with a flattering fit for loungewear you'll find yourself reaching for time and time again. Shop Lands' End for women's plus-size lounge pants today!