Plus Size Jeggings

Jeggings For Plus Size Women

Jeggings For Plus Size Women

Stake your claim on comfort by buying stylish, plus-size jeggings at Lands' End. Made from high-quality cotton and spandex, jeans leggings sum up what it means to relax. With the jeans look and the leggings feel, you've just discovered the best of both worlds in one fine pair of plus-sized pants. The soft material is perfect for all body types. Resembling pull-on pants, women's plus-size jeggings are a versatile clothing option, accentuating curves or slimming your look, depending on the color or design you choose.

At Lands' End, you've got plenty of options to choose for your chic, fashionable wardrobe. The different styles are made with choice fabrics, including a cotton/spandex combination and knit materials. Available in a variety of designs, including options that include a zipper front with fake pockets, no zippers with no pockets, or even plus-size jeggings with elastic waist and belt loops.

In 2000, designers introduced jeggings to the fashion scene, offering a pleasant option for consumers who like the skinny jeans look. By 2010, joggers and athletes were excited about the design's flexibility and comfort. It's now a bona fide fashion trend, a popular wardrobe staple for Hollywood stars and consumers who understand that there's nothing better than a comfortable pair of soft, plus-size jean jeggings.

Flatter your shape with wardrobe items which perfectly complement your distinctive style. Any tops that you wear with jeans will look fantastic. Match plus size sweaters and turtlenecks with a pair of plus-size black jeggings for a fall outing. Choose a stylish, plus size T-shirt to wear for a brisk walk or simple excursion. Don a blazer and button-up shirt to dress up for a special event. Your shoe choices and colors also accentuate your style. Boots, flats, or pointy toe shoes bring casual sophistication to an outfit.

Plus-size pull-on jeggings give you the comfort that you need for the experiences you deserve. Whether you wear the form-fitting pants under your favorite skirt or slip into a pair before tackling your daily to-do list, experience the ultimate, practical fashion element. Lands' End has sized to fit every body so you can step out in style, wearing flattering, sophisticated colors which make you look good. It's like your clothes are tailored just for you when you choose adaptability and freedom in the form of the plus-size, high-waisted jeggings' design.  Jeggings look great with our plus size workout tops. Allowing you the freedom to be comfortable all day long.