Plus Size Ivory Jeans

Ivory Jeans for Plus Size

Ivory Jeans for Plus Size

When you are a full-figured woman who wants to wear light-colored pants that aren't pure white, then choose a pair of plus-size ivory jeans from the Lands' End collection of these lovely-colored jeans. The warm hues of ivory flatter most skin tones, and they are easy to pair with pastel, neutral, and pretty-patterned tops.

You can take a pair of ivory or cream-colored jeans and elevate their casual look by wearing a pair of wedge sandals with bright fabrics or prints, and topping the outfit with a lovely plus-size women's tunic top. This would be a perfect outfit to wear while out having brunch with friends or family on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Take the kids and grandkids to the local summer fair to look at the baby animals and toss coins for fun prizes. Wear a pair of plus-size ivory denim jeans that flatter your figure and will help to keep you cool when you are walking around the fair. Be sure to wear good walking shoes to keep your feet comfortable. Add a pop of color to the pants by wearing a fashion scarf with a fun print on it over a neutral-colored tank top.

Dress up your off-white or ivory jeans with a colorful plus-size denim jacket. Choose a pretty pink or light blue jacket that flatters your unique skin tone. Wear fashionable black boots with this outfit to tie it all together and step out to have a fun dinner with your spouse at a local bistro or cafe.

Lands' End is the place to go when you want a variety of ivory jeans for plus-size women. No matter what size or style of ivory jeans in women's plus-size you prefer, we have you covered. We are proud of the high-quality pants that we offer to you and our friendly customer service team is always happy to speak with you. Feel free to give us a call about sizing, hues of our ivory jeans, and shipping options.