Plus Size Ivory Flannel Shirts

Plus Size Black and White Flannels

Plus Size Black and White Flannels

For those of us who can't wait for the summer heat to be over so that we can start grabbing our long-sleeve shirts in preparation for fall, one of the first shirts that come to mind is flannel. At Lands' End, you can find a varied choice of flannel shirts, including a white flannel for plus size women. If you're looking for a petite or plus size black-and-white flannel shirt, shop at Lands' End to find the fit for you. Our 100% cotton flannel shirts are brushed on both sides for extra softness you crave.

Versatile and durable, these shirts make a statement even if you are enjoying a lazy Sunday evening at home or spending time with friends and family at a barbecue party. Flannel shirts are great to wear wherever you are. From cold to mild climates, the black-and-white flannel women's plus size option is the ideal choice of clothing for chilly weather, and it complements a classic pair of women's jeans. You can't go wrong with this casual addition to your closet space. Lands' End offers you these shirts in various sizes and colors for you and the men and women in your life.

The plus size ivory flannel shirt is a well-made and long-lasting piece of clothing. It has clean seams, sewn buttons, and nicely finished hems. You can wear a flannel shirt casually with the shirttail hem untucked or with rolled-up sleeves and your favorite worn jeans. Alternatively, try a more classic look with a tucked shirttail, dress pants, and stiletto shoes. 

At Lands' End, we've added new flannel shirt colors for you to choose from. With colors that include deep plum, wild cherry, and plus size black and white flannel, you can choose more than one color combination if you wish. You'll find many ways to wear a flannel shirt during the summer as well. Pair it with shorts or skirts and some sandals or tennis shoes. Shop with confidence at Lands' End where you can find the flannel shirt you desire, plus a pair of jeans, for an outfit that can go anywhere with you.