Thigh-Concealing Plus-Size Cover-Up Pants

Thigh-Concealing Plus-Size Cover-Up Pants for Women

Thigh-Concealing Plus-Size Cover-Up Pants for Women

Take your warm-weather wardrobe to the next level by shopping this collection of women's thigh-concealing plus-size cover-up pants from Lands' End. Our versatile designs add a sophisticated touch to any summer day. You'll want to have these cover-up pants ready to go when you're packing your weekender bags for a trip to the beach house, and they're perfect for laid-back hangouts close to home as well. No matter what you have planned this season, you'll want to have these pants ready to go.

You're in the right place if you're searching for a cover-up to conceal your thighs, all without sacrificing one bit of style. These thigh-concealing women's plus-size cover-up pants are the epitome of elegance, combining a chic, flowy silhouette with vibrant, summery colors to create pants you'll start looking for excuses to put on every chance you get. The soft, stretchy fabric we use is super comfy, too, so you're ready for anything once you have one of these cover-ups in your rotation.

We offer a variety of designs in this selection, making it easier than ever to find thigh-concealing plus-size cover-up pants that suit your unique personal taste. Discover patterns like paisley, polka dots, and floral prints in an array of summer-ready shades. Pick your new go-to pants, then have fun mixing and matching to create chic ensembles for any warm-weather occasion.

After all, these plus-size thigh-concealing cover-up pants look just as good with a plus-size blouson tankini as they do with plus-size tank tops, T-shirts, and more. Whether you're lounging poolside, enjoying a walk along the boardwalk, or hosting a backyard barbecue, these pants take your comfort and style to the next level.

You can shop this collection with total confidence, knowing you're getting the comfort and quality you've come to count on from Lands' End. We design these pants to provide an ultra-flattering fit. Shop the Lands' End collection of thigh-concealing plus-size cover-up pants for women today.