Chlorine-Resistant Plus-Size Swim Tops

Chlorine-Resistant Plus-Size Bathing Suit Tops

Chlorine-Resistant Plus-Size Bathing Suit Tops

Nothing beats unwinding in a beautiful pool, whether you're on vacation or at home. Chlorine keeps pool water clear and free of germs and other pollutants, but it can also wreak havoc on swimsuits. This chemical sanitizer degrades the quality of most swimwear fabrics, fading their colors, impacting their shape, and eating away at the fibers. However, you don't need to make a choice between enjoying time in the pool or preserving your swimsuit. Simply choose chlorine-resistant plus-size swim tops from Lands' End.

Since plus-size chlorine resistant swim tops for women resist fading, our collection features plenty of bold colors and prints so you can look and feel your best. Dark slimming colors like black and deep-sea navy should stay true for several years to come. However, if you really want to stand out, consider a quirky design like our eggplant diagonal dots or our turquoise tropical palms. These vibrant prints look perfect when paired with swim bottoms in plain, complementary colors.

All our chlorine-resistant swim tops for plus-size women are made for curves. We know that you'll love the way our relaxed midsections fall softly over your tummy and the support that our inbuilt underwire bras provide. Some swimsuit bras have removable cups for added flexibility while others offer ample padding to accentuate your hourglass shape. As with all Lands' End swim tops, our chlorine-resistant plus-size bathing suit tops are quick drying to resist mildew and mold growth. This feature also makes sure they're always ready for you, whenever you want to get in the water.

When quality matters, shop for chlorine-resistant plus swim tops at Lands' End. Pair one of these durable swim tops look great with a plus-size swim skirt, a pair of plus-size swim shorts, or plus-size swim pants. Consult our size chart and remember, when you choose swim separates you can mix and match the sizes for the best possible fit. 

This flexibility and freedom is just one of the reasons women love shopping for swimwear at Lands' End. Shop today and see the sizes and selections Lands' End has for you.