Maternity Plus-Size Bikini Tops

Plus-Size Maternity-Friendly Bikini Tops

Plus-Size Maternity-Friendly Bikini Tops

Women are at their most beautiful during pregnancy, so why cover yourself up when you're expecting a child? At Lands' End, we help expectant mamas feel their confident best on the beach with maternity-friendly plus-size bikini tops.

Some women become self-conscious about their changing bodies during pregnancy, but there are several reasons to let go of the hang-ups and show off your curves in plus-size maternity-friendly bikini tops. Hiding your body under an oversized T-shirt can actually make you appear larger than you really are. Maternity-friendly plus bikini tops are designed with pregnant plus-sized women in mind so they're made to flatter through every trimester. Many women say they actually feel more confident once they see how good a maternity bikini looks on them.

Choosing a maternity bikini top, instead of a one-piece swimsuit, can also save you money. As these maternity-friendly swim tops leave the belly exposed, they often fit from the first trimester to the third and during your postpartum period. Many women also find they're more comfortable in a bikini as there's no fabric putting pressure on their growing bump.

You can also mix and match your maternity-friendly plus bikini swim tops with your choice of swim bottoms. Bikini briefs are a traditional choice, but you can also choose a pair of plus-size swim shorts or a plus-size swim skirt if you prefer extra coverage.

Look for low-waisted swim bottoms rather than high-waisted pieces which can put extra pressure on your bump. Remember you're also free to mix and match the sizes to create a maternity bathing suit that fits just right. This flexibility is another reason many people prefer choosing maternity-friendly bikini tops for plus-size women and separate swim bottoms at Lands' End.

Rock a bikini body through all stages of your pregnancy with the maternity-friendly swim tops from Lands' End. Visit Lands' End for stylish maternity bikini tops in a range of different colors, from basic black to vibrant prism pink. Shop this stylish swimwear collection today at Lands' End today.