Plus Size Adjustable Bikini Tops

Plus Size Adjustable Straps Bikini Swimsuits

Plus Size Adjustable Straps Bikini Swimsuits

The fun thing about swimwear is the fact that you can mix and match a lot of options. Even plus-size women now have a lot of swimsuit options that they did not once have. Choosing an adjustable strap plus-size bikini top does not have to be difficult. You can choose to pair your plus-size bikini tops with a plus-size swim skirt or plus-size swim shorts. The adjustable straps will allow your bikini top to fit you perfectly. 

Plus-size high-waisted bathing suits can also be a great match for a bikini top with adjustable straps. These trendy and stylish bathing suit options are gaining a lot of attention in the fashion industry and with good reason. They are a slimming option and the perfect solution for plus-size women who want to mix and match their swimsuits. 

Plus Size Bikini Bathing Suit Tops with Adjustable Straps: FAQ

What style of bathing suit is the most slimming?

In general, you should look for bathing suits that offer draping or ruching. A textured layer of material, such as ruching, will hide all your lumps and bumps. Ruching that is combined with a wrap panel in the front of the bathing suit will help pull your tummy in and will give a slim and toned appearance. 

Why are adjustable straps important on a Plus Size Bikini top?

Having adjustable straps will ensure that your top fits you perfectly. Most bikini tops have adjustable straps, but it is a feature that should not be overlooked. Without the adjustable straps, you take a chance that your bikini top will not fit you correctly. Plus, these tops can get looser when they are wet, so you can easily adjust the straps as you need. 

What is the difference between plus size and curvy?

Plus size clothing and curvy clothing are not the same. It comes down to your body type and dimensions. If there is not a lot of difference between the measurements of your bust, waist, and hips you would not be considered curvy. Curvy girls will have a measurement difference in these areas, and this is what creates curves.

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We have loads of plus-size swimsuit options. You can choose a one-piece plus-size swimsuit or mix and match swimsuit tops and bottoms to create the most flattering bathing suit for your body. If you have any issues when shopping at the Lands’ End website, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.