Plus Size Adjustable One Piece Swimsuits

Plus Size Adjustable Straps One Piece Swimsuits

Plus Size Adjustable Straps One Piece Swimsuits

Everyone wants to feel confident when wearing a bathing suit. Lands’ End has made it their mission to offer the most attractive plus-size one-piece swimsuits with adjustable straps. You will find a large variety to choose from, and sizes go up to 24W. Below we will discuss some things you need to be aware of before purchasing a plus-size swimsuit.  

Plus Size One Piece Swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits can be showstoppers. These types of swimsuits accent your body and allow you the confidence to swim while on vacation. The adjustable straps will allow you to get the perfect fit. Curves are in and it's time to show yours off in a flattering way. While many plus-size women may opt for a plus-size tankini or plus-size swim dress, a flattering one-piece will serve you well. 

Swimming is a great activity that everyone should be involved in. Think about the hours of endless exercise and fun you can have this summer. Do not shy away from swimming because you are a plus-size woman. Your curves are beautiful, and you should have access to bathing suits that will allow you to feel confident about your choice. 

Plus Size One Piece Bathing Suits with Adjustable Straps: FAQ

What are the advantages of tummy control swimsuits?

Tummy control helps slim down the midsection. This is done by providing gentle and firm support in the tummy area and gives the illusion of a flatter stomach. This type of control can help eliminate bulges and helps accent other body parts such as the hips, shoulders, or bust. 

Is it better to size up or down in a one-piece swimsuit?

Bathing suits are created with material that becomes stretchy when wet. So, the suit will be looser when wet. For this reason, you will want to go with a swimsuit that is true to size when the suit is dry. Despite the common misconception that you should size up in swimwear, always choose your correct size. 

Do you wear anything under a one-piece swimsuit?

No, under no circumstance would you wear undergarments under a one-piece swimsuit. One-piece bathing suits are created with lining to support your bust and other delicate areas. This is why it is not necessary to wear a bra or panties under your one-piece bathing suit. 

How can I look slim in a one-piece swimsuit?

It’s best to avoid large prints such as geometric shapes or flowers. You want to opt for smaller prints such as polka dots, thin lines, or small patterns that are fun and vibrant. Busy patterns are also another great choice for those wearing one-piece swimsuits. For ladies that have larger busts, avoiding large prints will be key. 

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Now that you have explored our one-piece plus-size swimsuits, it's time to see what else Lands’ End has to offer. We have a large line of women’s plus-size clothing to help you pull together fashionable outfits that will allow you to feel comfortable and confident. If you have any questions along the way, do not hesitate to reach out to us.