Plus Size Yoga Pants

Plus Size Activewear

Plus Size Activewear

Exercising often is part of our weekly routine and you can find a variety of comfortable plus-size pants and activewear from Lands' End. Our collection offers you a wide variety of clothing that will help you move easily whether attending a dance class, power-walking or doing a Sun Salutation pose at your local yoga class.

Plus activewear leggings will keep you warm on cool fall mornings when you are out walking the dog. The material has plenty of stretch so you can keep pace with your frisky pup. Put on a lightweight jacket that will help keep the wind or light rain off of you as you finish your walk.

Yoga requires special clothing so that you can perform the various poses and stretches required. Plus-size yoga pants will allow you the freedom to move throughout your class or session with ease. Wear an activewear top with your pants and you will be cool and comfortable with every movement.

Plus-size sweatshirts are perfect for staying warm while doing outside chores in the chilly fall season, such as gardening, raking leaves, or stacking firewood. You can put the hood up when you first begin your chore, and as you warm up, toss the hood back and enjoy the autumn breeze cooling you off. Plus-size athletic pants will give you the mobility you need to get your chores done.

When you are heading to the gym for a strength training session, to get some cardio on the treadmill, or to participate in a group exercise class, be sure to wear plus-size workout leggings. They are designed to allow maximum movement while keeping you covered in all the essential areas.

And when you are finished with your workout, the leggings are stylish enough to wear to the coffee shop afterward. Be sure to wear good women's sneakers when you are doing your exercises!

You will find all the right pieces plus-size activewear and yoga pants when you shop at Lands End today!