Women's Pink Pajamas

Pink Pajamas for Women

Pink Pajamas for Women

Pink is a color that represents affection, harmony, and inner peace — all wonderful things to feel as you tuck yourself under your comfortable bed sheets. That's why your next sleepwear purchase should be a nice set of pink pajamas from Lands' End. Since pink also represents friendship, you could gift them to a dear friend or companion in your life, too. 

Our pink pajamas for women are made from the most comfortable fabrics. We have super comfy pink Supima cotton pajamas — a rare type of cotton that we use to make the softest pajamas possible. With Supima cotton, the feel of your women's pink pajamas gets better after every wash. Another bonus is that the colors stay saturated, ensuring that your pajamas don't quickly fade. Another popular fabric we use is flannel. Similar to flannel sheets, our flannel pajamas are the perfect option to switch over to when temperatures drop. Cozy up in a matching pajamas set that will make you feel like a kid on Christmas morning all over again. 

When it's time to pack away winter sleepwear, choose a light pink sleepwear set in more breathable options. Whether you want a nightgown or matching sleep set, Lands' End has plenty of lightweight options that keep you cool all night. These summer styles come in more seasonally appropriate prints, like stripes, floral, and paisley. 

Cute pink pajamas that also happen to be comfortable are a great way to treat yourself at the end of a long day. This fun and feminine color is a way to add a little whimsy to your nighttime routine. By choosing a color that makes you happy, you can rest easy and wake up ready for a new day.

Shop Lands' End's women's pajamas to find the right set for you. Our wide variety makes it easy to find ladies' pink pajamas that you'll feel eager to put on before bed.