Womens Petite Swimsuit Cover-ups

Womens Petite Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Womens Petite Bathing Suit Cover Ups

An important piece of swimwear to add to your collection are beautiful and versatile women's petite swimsuit cover-ups. Cover-ups can help to keep you warm, add a touch of modesty while you're walking along the beach or back to your hotel room, and provide a bit of sun protection. Lands' End has an extensive collection of women's petite bathing suit cover-ups in lots of different styles and colors for you to stock up on.

When you're going on a tropical vacation, pack a couple of brightly colored bathing suit cover-ups in your bag. You can wear them over petite one-piece swimsuits, over tankini tops with swim shorts, or over a slim-fitting sundress for a chic look.

Keep your legs from getting too much sun by wearing wrap-around pant cover-ups. The flowy design will help you stay cool, and they look lovely paired with petite short-sleeve tops, silky camisoles, or high-neck tankinis.

You'll love how soft and breezy our jersey-knit, sleeveless, embroidered petite cover-ups feel. This dress-like covering has pockets to hold small essential items, and it's the perfect item to toss over a swimsuit when you're heading to the poolside cafe for a glass of iced tea. Choose one that falls just below your knees or one that goes to your ankles.

Put on a rash guard over your bathing suit when you want extra protection from the sun and abrasion. We have rash guard cover-ups that come with long sleeves, elbow-length, or sleeveless variations depending on how much coverage you need.

Whether you want petite women's bathing suit cover-ups in a dress style, a rash guard, a gauzy see-through one, or cover-ups for your legs, Lands' End has them all. If you're not sure what size petite bathing suit cover-ups for women to choose from, our True Fit sizing guide will help you find the perfect one. Enjoy shopping at Lands' End today to find women's petite swim cover-ups to carry you through the swimsuit season.