Women's Petite Gray Sweatpants

Petite Gray Sweatpants for Women

Petite Gray Sweatpants for Women

Comfort and style come together in this collection of women's petite gray sweatpants from Lands' End. Whether you're searching for sweatpants for casual days out and about, workouts, or even laid-back hangouts, you'll find what you need in this selection.

We offer gray petite women's sweatpants from both our Starfish and Sport Knit collections, making it incredibly easy to find the perfect style for any casual day. Choose from straight-leg, slim-leg, and tapered designs, then decide if you want a standard or ankle-length style. We also feature high-rise and mid-rise sweatpants, so you're sure to find the exact right pair for your needs.

Our petite gray sweatpants for women deliver ultimate versatility, thanks to their chic color. Whether you want a light gray or dark gray shade, our elegant heather styles take your laid-back looks to the next level. Want to change things up with a pattern? You'll also find prints like houndstooth, herringbone, and plaid, all created from sophisticated grays. You'll have endless possibilities with this Lands' End collection.

No matter which style you choose, you can count on superior comfort from these sweatpants. We use soft, durable fabrics like knits, corduroy, jersey, and French terry to create sweatpants that treat you to the ultimate coziness, without sacrificing one bit of style. The result? Sweatpants that work just as well for a movie marathon on the couch as they do when paired with petite T-shirts for running errands, grabbing a casual lunch, and beyond.

Whether you're searching for the perfect work-from-home apparel or pants to wear with petite active tops for your workouts, you're in the right place. These sweatpants are equal parts cozy, comfy, and chic. They really do it all! Better yet, we've designed our gray sweatpants for petite women with just the right proportions, so you can expect a flattering fit from any of these styles.

You can shop this Lands' End collection with the complete confidence you always have. After all, you know that you'll get that high quality you've come to expect from our products. Shop for petite women's gray sweatpants at Lands' End today.