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Petite Fleece Jackets

Petite Jackets, Petite Fleece Coats, Women's Coats

Petite Jackets, Petite Fleece Coats, Women's Coats

When meteorologists mention that the colder weather is on the way and the forecast reminded you of how you need a pullover jacket, petite women's options are available at Land's End. You can find a wide variety of colors and styles to match your preferences and get you equipped for the decreasing temperatures to come. 

Maybe your daily regimen involves trading women's jeans for yoga pants and going for a brisk walk in the park. In that case, consider buying one of our active fleece tops. The lightweight material wicks away moisture, keeping you dry while working up a sweat. You'll also appreciate how the antimicrobial material resists pilling, which means it'll keep looking great wash after wash. 

Or, perhaps you have a long-standing appreciation for fun patterns and want to feature them in your wardrobe choices more than ever. Then, go with a half-zip petite pullover jacket made with a patterned fabric. Select your favorite option from our fashionable assortment or buy several and save yourself from making an understandably difficult choice when figuring out which one you like most.

One convenient thing about our half-zip styles is that they let you choose whether to pull down the zipper at the collar to show off a garment underneath. You might wear one of your flannel shirts that complements a hue in the outer piece to make a stylish statement without putting forth too much effort, for example. 

Also, keeping the zipper pulled all the way up stops body heat from escaping, so it's an especially worthwhile decision in cold weather. To stay comfortably warm in another way, purchase one of our petite women's winter coats with a hybrid fleece style. These get you ready for the weather with their nylon exteriors. They also feature a fleece hood, sleeves, and pockets made from brushed material for extra softness. The jackets bring texture to your wardrobe in a practical way that helps you take the wintry weather in stride. 

Our asymmetrical fleece jackets also bring a hint of texture to your attire. They drape across your body and have an eye-catching waterfall collar. Plus, the neutral shades feature a heathered look that contributes to the textured appearance. These women's coats are so cozy you might want to wear them around the house as you lounge in slippers and pajama bottoms.

Regardless of whether you buy petite fleece coats, scarves, or long underwear from us, all the merchandise is covered by our Guaranteed. Period.® return policy. It allows returning any Lands' End product at any time if it doesn't meet your expectations. Start exploring the possibilities now.

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