Women's Petite Crew Neck

Petite Crew Neck Sweaters for Women

Petite Crew Neck Sweaters for Women

Snuggle up in cozy comfort with these women's petite crew neck sweaters from Lands' End. Our line of petite apparel is designed for women who are 4 feet, 11 inches to 5 feet, 3 inches tall. These sweaters have smaller proportions with shorter shoulders and less sleeve length, which helps to provide a flattering fit for your frame, letting the shirt falls as it should.

The classic lines of a women's petite crew neck sweater make this a great choice for timeless style. Pair a neat crew neck sweater with a pair of women's khaki pants or corduroy pants for a sophisticated look that's a great fit for casual work apparel. A button-up cardigan sweater is the ideal accessory with many of our women's dresses when you want a little added warmth.

We carry women's petite crew neck sweaters in a wide range of styles and textures. Try a roll neck sweater with textured yarn featuring bobbles around the neckline, or sink into the plush texture of a cable knit. Our cashmere sweaters are irresistibly soft, offering a gentle touch that will never chafe.

For a lighter feel, try a jersey-knit cotton petite crew neck sweater for women. We have both long- and short-sleeved styles so you can enjoy the comfort of a sweater even in warmer weather. Short-sleeved acrylic/nylon sweaters are another option for early autumn or spring when you don't need all the coverage of long sleeves to stay warm.

Our petite crew neck sweaters for women come in a full rainbow of colors so you can easily find the shade that's missing from your wardrobe. Not only will you find a wide range of simple solids, but you'll also find floral patterns, sleek stripes, busy chevrons, engaging plaids, and other eye-catching options. Whether you're looking for a simple neutral or a bold pop of color, our collection has a suitable fit for your taste.

Start shopping our crew neck petite women's sweaters from Lands' End and find your next favorite.