Petite Khaki Shorts

Khakis Women's Petite Shorts, Petite Chino Shorts

Khakis Women's Petite Shorts, Petite Chino Shorts

If you enjoy wearing chino shorts, you're going to be thrilled with the collection of women's petite chino and khaki shorts at Lands' End. If you're a petite woman 5 feet, 4 inches or shorter, finding the right fit of shorts is often a challenge. Because petite women tend to have a short torso and short legs, it's important to wear shorts in a petite size, and that's why you want to pick up several pairs of petite chino shorts and petite khaki shorts today.

Chino shorts in a petite size and Bermuda style look fabulous with polo shirts or plaid button-up shirts with the tail tucked in. Wear slip-on leather loafers to complete this timeless look. Petite shorts made with 100% cotton twill, either chinos or khakis in a short length, are fun to wear to the beach, while seeing live music in the park, or while playing with the dog at the local dog park. A cute floral petite tank-top or T-shirt works well with this style of petite shorts.

Bring an adorable pair of mid-rise petite shorts in an off-white color when traveling to the tropics. Choose a pair with a longer length to keep the sun off of your upper legs and to provide a bit more coverage. The shorts look lovely with floral petite blouses, colorful T-shirts, or with silky tank-tops. Our khaki shorts for petite women even come in a variety of prints and designs to brighten up your shorts wardrobe. The printed designs on the material can be festive, dressy, or fun.

You'll find a wide selection of sizes, styles, designs, and colors when you shop Lands' End for ladies petite chino shorts today. Whether you want a shorter length pair of shorts or a longer, more modest length, we have them all. Our friendly customer service team is available to speak with you on the phone or through chat on the website to help answer any questions you may have about our petite-sized shorts in a chino or khaki style.