Petite black leggings

Black Petite Women's Leggings

Black Petite Women's Leggings

Petite Black Leggings

If there’s one item that's a closet necessity for all women, it’s petite black leggings. They’re comfortable, versatile, stylish and timeless. Whether for a grade-school-aged child or a working mom, leggings are valuable items to have in your closet. Black petite women’s leggings can be worn all throughout the year—whether it’s hot or cold, sunny or rainy. Their not too light yet not too heavy fabric makes them a great item to wear throughout the year.

Black leggings are similar to jeans in the sense that they can be worn to nearly any event you’d wear jeans to. A casual happy hour with your sister? Try leggings, a pair of heeled booties, and one of your extra-long tunics. A busy day at work? Wear a pair of closed-toe heels, a long white button-down top, and a blazer. Running errands on a Sunday? Throw on a pair of sneakers, one of your flannel shirts and a jean jacket.

Black Petite Women's Leggings

Lands’ End’s petite black leggings come in a range of styles including high-rise leggings, mid-rise leggings, active seamless leggings, fleece-lined leggings, and petite cropped black leggings. Petite cropped black leggings are a great item for warmer weather and warmer climates. They end just a few inches below your knee, allowing your calves to feel the fresh air. Cropped black leggings are a little more casual than ankle-length leggings. They’re ideal for a more casual outfit that you’d wear to cheer on your son’s sports game, on a walk with friends, or on an afternoon run to the grocery store. They look best when worn with athletic sneakers and a long hooded ladies’ sweatshirt.

There are many options when it comes to black petite women's leggings. You can choose from cropped styles, full-length styles, fleece-lined options, or leggings ideal for a workout. Either way, the best petite black leggings are high-quality, not see-through, and comfortable. Many of our women’s black leggings petite are made with a wide elastic waistband so your leggings stay up comfortably. Additionally, they're made with a thick, but not stifling, fabric that either combines cotton and spandex or polyester and spandex.

Having a few pairs of high-quality leggings is necessary for all women’s wardrobes. They’re casual enough to wear on errands but can easily be dressed up with the right outfit additions.