Orange Coats

Orange Coat Womens

Orange Coat Womens

With the fall season and colder weather not far away, it might just be the perfect time to treat yourself, or someone special in your life, to a new womens winter coat. If you're looking for something a little bit different to stand out from the crowd, why not shop at Lands' End today to browse our selection to find your perfect orange coat? Perfect for making a daring and adventurous fashion statement, purchasing a coat in a shade you're not used to just might work wonders for your wardrobe.

For a chic look during the working day, opt for a mid-length burnt orange coat with double-breasted buttons and wear it underneath a dress shirt, with black jeans and either boots or pumps. Alternatively, a burnt orange women's coat from Lands' end looks awesome over a striped half-sleeve T-shirt and jeggings, particularly when temperatures are more forgiving. However you choose to style your coat, you can be certain that you'll stand out thanks to its eye-catching orange shade. 

Here at Lands' End, we pride ourselves on designing our clothing, accessories, and footwear with a range of modern women in mind. Whether you're a career-oriented woman who's always on the go and regularly needs new work wear or you're at a time in your life when spending time with family and relaxing is your main priority, we have you covered when it comes to your style. Not only can you look great in our clothes, but you can be confident that you'll feel just as fabulous when you wear them, too.

We're proud to provide exquisitely crafted winter coats which are designed especially for harsh weather and cold temperatures. After all, we're from Wisconsin! We always consider comfort, practicality, and style when designing our items. So, whether you want to make a statement in one of our orange coat in women's styles, or if you're looking for a coat that's a little less daring, we have something that's perfect for you. Shop Lands' End to find your coat in the perfect size and color.