Womens Muk Luk Slippers

Muk Luk Slippers for Women

Muk Luk Slippers for Women

When you get comfy in your cozy flannel pajamas and women’s robes at the end of the day, don’t leave your feet out of the fun! With women’s Muk Luks slippers, you can pamper your feet just as much as the rest of you before you turn in for a good night’s rest. Fear those cold morning floorboards no longer. Muk Luks slippers for women have you, and your feet, covered.

What Does Muk Luks Mean?

Muk Luks took their name from mukluk, a type of shoe developed by the Inuit to be extra warm and flexible during bitter cold northern winters. You can clearly see the resemblance in Muk Luks’ womens slippers. In addition to keeping your toes toasty warm in super soft fabric, Muk Luks slippers have a memory foam insole for even more added comfort. These slip on slippers feature a full foot design that allows for extra flexibility, making them great around-the-house shoes for just about everyone. 

How to Style Muk Luks Slippers

The great thing about these crazy comfy slippers is that you can wear them with just about any pajama or comfy look. If you’re looking to add a bit more warmth to your nighttime ensemble, try pairing your cozy women’s pajamas with Muk Luks slippers that surround your entire foot in plush fabric that will keep you snug and comfortable. Looking for something you can wear during the warmer months of the year? Muk Luks flip flop slippers leave your toes free to breathe while the rest of your foot can enjoy soft memory foam insoles that give them just the right amount of support. 

Can I Wear My Muk Luks Slippers Outside?

We get it, your women’s Muk Luks slippers are so comfy that you never want to take them off, including when it’s time to leave the house. To keep your slippers in tip top shape, however, we recommend that you only wear them indoors for the most part. Rough indoor floors, a quick jaunt to the mailbox, or an impromptu midnight drive-thru run won’t damage them too much, but they are designed for inside life in mind. If you need something you can wear outside more often, check out our stylish sandals and other Muk Luks shoes. These will keep your feet just as comfortable as your slippers, but with added durability, they can easily stand up to everything you do on a busy day. 

Your feet deserve to be warm and cozy too! Shop Lands’ End to find the perfect companion to your favorite women’s pajamas today.