Women's Ivory Blouses & Cream Blouses

Women's Off-White Opaque Blouses

Women's Off-White Opaque Blouses

One of the beautiful things about wearing an off-white blouse is that it goes with anything. An ivory- or cream-colored blouse creates a warmer look than a stark-white top and they can be worn with many different bottom pieces. The collection of ivory and cream blouses from Lands' End is so beautiful you'll want several of these tops to add to your wardrobe. We have lots of sizes, styles, and shades of cream tops to choose from so you can wear a different one every day.

A cream-colored dressy blouse made from a silky material is ideal to wear to any upscale event. Wear a pair of well-tailored women's pants in a soft charcoal gray with the cream-colored top, and finish the ensemble with suede ballet flats in a deep maroon red for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Choose a pearl blouse in a shimmering broadcloth weave to replicate the iridescence of a natural pearl. Wear this graceful top with a pair of off-white linen pants and rhinestone embellished sandals while having dinner aboard the cruise ship sailing through tropical seas.

An off-white opaque blouse looks refined with a silky camisole underneath it. Wear the top with a flowing maxi skirt in pastel shades and complete your outfit with a pair of peek-toe cream-colored pumps. This is a great outfit to wear for an elegant evening on the town.

Shop Lands' End today to find the ivory blouse of your dreams. Whether you're looking for a cream blouse, an off-white shirt, or a blouse the color of eggshell, we have plenty of sizes, styles, and shades of ivory to choose from. Our fabrics and materials are of the highest quality and your blouse will last for years. Our professional customer service representatives are available to answer any questions you may have about our off-white blouses, so feel free to give us a call or chat via our website at any time. We look forward to speaking with you soon.