Women's Gray Skinny Jeans

Gray Skinny Jeans

Gray Skinny Jeans

Find a pair of durable gray skinny jeans at Lands' End. Made for women of all shapes and sizes, including plus, regular, petite, and tall, they have just the right amount of spandex, so you can move and sit all day comfortably. Available in pull-on styles with an elastic waist, you can dress and undress quickly without fuss. Their multidimensional color is the result of a special garment-dyeing process that provides an eye-catching look. They feel soft against your skin because of their fabric blend of soft cotton and modal. The modal helps pants keep their shape even after stretching.

Grey skinny jeans match well with all colors of women's tunic sweaters. Select your favorite styles from among sweaters that are fun, businesslike, and casual in appearances. To help keep you warm on cold autumn and wintry days, choose from tunic sweaters made in V-neck, turtleneck, 3/4-sleeve, and long-sleeved styles. Loosely fitted tops with patterns, stripes, and solid colors add to your comfort level when you wear them with dark gray skinny jeans. 

For layering in the winter months, pair skinny jeans with a classic women's cotton turtleneck or cashmere sweater. With their fun patterns and vibrant colors, you can mix and match with sweaters and cardigans or wear them alone. Some turtlenecks made with spandex will retain their shape in the ribbed neck and cuffs. The seamless neck turtlenecks rest smoothly against your neck.

Women's gray skinny jeans look and feel great when paired with a holiday dose of cheer patterned on women's Christmas sweaters.

Choose from traditional Fair Isle sweaters and seasonally themed designs on these merry tops. The fabric blends of Christmas sweaters are soft and durable with easy-care instructions, including hand-washing and machine wash and dry. Choose the right fit and size using the True Fit online guide from Lands' End, and look for special sales codes on the product page. Shop Lands' End today for that special pair of jeans.