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Women's Thigh Concealing Swimsuits

Swimsuits to Hide Tummy & Thighs - Concealing Swimsuits

Have a tough time showing off your thighs? Try a swim skirt or womens swim skorts from Lands' End! What to do when your “not-happy-with-it” area is meant to be shown in a swimsuit? Let us help. Our famous line of women's swimwear includes many pieces that offer thigh coverage or camouflage. Whether it is the passage of time, your preference for modesty, or the fact that you inherited your father's legs that makes you want help in that area, we offer a variety of bikini skirts and skirted swimsuit options to help you look and feel your best at the pool or beach.

Swimsuit shopping can distress even the most beautiful and confident women. Bathing suits by nature uncover all the little things we use clothing to camouflage. The good news is twofold: swim separates including shorts and bikini skirts are more popular than ever before so you can create a swim ensemble just right for you, and Lands' End has perfected several designs of traditional one-piece swimsuits, swim dresses, tankinis and skirted swimsuit pieces to offer you the best thigh coverage or camouflage available!

You might opt for a swim dress, which offers the most coverage in a skirted swimsuit, or you might prefer a more modern answer to thigh coverage like a swim skirt or womens swim skorts! These pieces offer the convenience and freedom of two-piece swimsuits, but with stylish and sublet thigh camouflage built in. Choose a bikini or blouson tankini top you love, and then select bottoms based on the features that mean the most to you, whether that's the total thigh coverage of swim shorts or the flirty thigh camouflage of a ruffled swim skirt. Bikini skirts are also available in sporty tennis-skirt styles, just right for a stylish, athletic look.

Lands' End has earned a sterling reputation for quality products, great value and excellent customer service. Shop with confidence with Lands' End, and let us help you find swimwear solutions to help you look and feel your best. We believe in swimwear for everybody, and every body, so shop for a swim skirt or skirted swimsuit and enjoy fun in the sun without giving a thought to your thighs!