Girls School Uniform Chino Pants

Girls Uniform Pants

Girls Uniform Pants

Girls' school uniform pants from the collection offered at Lands' End are ideal for girls to wear when the school they are attending requires a uniform. Girls' chino pants are good-looking, subtle, comfortable, and are perfect to wear as girls' uniform pants. We have lots of great styles and colors to choose from so your young lady will never get bored wearing them.

If your girl tends to be more fashion-forward, a pair of skinny khaki pants for girls is a great choice. They still work for a school uniform, but they are just a bit more on the dressy side. These girls' khaki pants look fabulous with a cute girls' pullover navy sweater. 

Khaki uniform pants for girls lend themselves to be worn with a variety of colored tops. The neutral tone of khaki pants are ideal as a uniform pant and they can be paired with the schools' colors. You can have one of the girls' school uniform tops monogrammed with her initials and give it to her as a special present. She will love the uniqueness of the top and enjoy wearing it often.

Navy blue uniform pants work well in the winter or for more formal school events. The dark color gives the girl a more sophisticated appearance, and this color looks beautiful with girls' suede leather shoes. Have her wear a girls' navy cardigan over a crisp white blouse for an elegant look.

Shop Lands' End today for the perfect pairs of girls' school uniform chino pants, and khaki school pants for girls. From ones that have stretch material that allows movement when the girl is playing sports or at recess, to slim-fitting ones that are excellent to wear for a more formal school function, we have them all. If you would like to speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives about sizing, styles, colors, or shipping, please feel free to call us today!