Women's Black Raincoats & Black Rain Jackets

Black Raincoats Women's & Black Rain Jacket Womens

Black Raincoats Women's & Black Rain Jacket Womens

Just like a little black dress, a black raincoat is an essential part of any woman's closet. If your closet is missing this key apparel item or it's time for an upgrade, look no further than Lands' End. With more than 30 years' experience making wet weather gear, we know we have a women's black raincoat you'll love.

Many stores have just a single type of black rain jacket, but we believe in doing things differently at Lands' End. A warm black raincoat will keep you cozy during icy sleet storms while and a lightweight cute black rain jacket is perfect layered over a sundress for summer storms. A women's black rain jacket with hood is a versatile all-rounder, offering extra protection from the cold when the mercury drops. However, if it's not so cold or you prefer accessorizing with a women's hat, you may prefer a women's black rain jacket without a hood.

No matter what style speaks to you, our black rain jacket women's collection features jackets that are as practical as they are chic. Each one has at least two pockets, but many varieties have even more for extra storage space. This allows you to leave your handbag at home, which can be a real blessing on rainy days. The coats in our black rain jacket women's collection also feature sealed seams and hardy zippers to keep the rain out and the warmth in for your comfort.

Black coats are flattering on all women, so our black raincoat women's collection has rain jackets in a wide selection of sizes. Our regular size selection is complemented by selected styles available in petite, tall, and plus-size versions. Discover them all when you shop at Lands' End today.