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Women's Knee Length Skirts

Knee Length Jean Skirts & Black Knee Length Skirts

Knee Length Jean Skirts & Black Knee Length Skirts

Immerse yourself in the epitome of grace and style. Purchase beautiful, contemporary knee-length skirts from Land's End. Experience the comfort that comes with practical fashions for business and casual gatherings. A knee-length skirt is comfortable, with an easy-to-wear design which flows seamlessly with every movement. Such elegance enhances your mystique, making this skirt a great choice to wear on an outing with that special someone or at a casual event with friends.

In the ‘60s, flowy maxi skirts were all the rage. As more women entered the workforce, designers moved the hem up to create simple and comfortable clothing for women working outside the home. Still popular today, knee-length spring skirts are a mainstay with women who choose to wear skirts for different occasions. Its unrivaled versatility helps women mix and match the denim pencil skirt with cotton blouses, knit sweaters, and silk scarves. From practical knit or wool fabrics to high-end midi skirts, our skirts offer a wide range of choices to satisfy your discerning tastes.

Make a fashion statement at your next soiree with a distinctive and comfortable white A-line knee-length skirt from Lands' End. The A-line skirt is flattering on any figure, hugging the waist and flowing over the hips. Wear our high-quality knee-length pencil skirt with accessories. The professional, elegant black knee-length skirt enhances the body's shape. Both skirts feature a design which streamlines the body's appearance. Complement the look with accessories which enhance your fashion choices. Transform your appearance with shoes, wraps, jewelry, or bags. These accents freshen the outfit's overall impact, highlighting your best features.

It's no wonder that women all over the world buy knee-length jeans skirts from Lands' End. Vibrant spring colors uplift the senses and help define a new outlook. Summer pastels and prints highlight a woman on the move. Fall fashions have bold, warm colors and patterns which create an air of elegance. In some areas, winter is the best time to don a knee-length corduroy skirt. Reflect the season by wearing a casual or dressy skirt which accentuates your zest for life. At Lands' End, our elegant fashions enhance the way you look and live every day.