Women’s 3/4-Sleeve Polo Shirts

Women’s Three-Quarter-Sleeve Polo Shirts

Women’s Three-Quarter-Sleeve Polo Shirts

Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Polo Shirts

When you can’t decide between a classic short-sleeve polo shirt or a comfy long-sleeve polo shirt, why not meet somewhere in the middle and invest in a women’s 3/4 sleeve polo shirt? A women’s three-quarter-sleeve polo shirt is a perfect addition to both your casual wardrobe and your professional wardrobe. The 3/4-sleeve women’s polo is a versatile clothing item that can be worn for a wide variety of occasions, whether you are hitting the golf course with your family, going into the office for a work presentation, or vacationing with your best girlfriends. At Lands’ End, we are proud to offer our shoppers the best selection of ¾-sleeve polo shirts.

Women’s Three-Quarter-Sleeve Polo Shirts

Our ¾-sleeve polo shirts for women come in a wide variety of solid colors, including neutral tones like white, black, and various shades of blue. If you want to try something new, browse our selection of print polos that come with a ¾ sleeve. Just a few of the popular prints we carry include paisley, floral, and plaid, all of which come in unique, vibrant colors.

The ¾-sleeve polo shirts we carry are perfect for all seasons. Spending a summer evening around a bonfire in your backyard? A 3/4-sleeve polo shirt is a great option for those dipping evening temps. Going for a brisk walk on a crisp autumn afternoon? A 3/4 polo shirt is an ideal choice. Need a comfy base layer during the winter? Wear a 3/4-sleeve polo shirt underneath a jacket, blazer, or open-front sweater.

Another appealing feature of the women’s ¾ sleeve polo top is that you can wear it with a wide variety of other pieces. Want a fun, stylish look for an active summer afternoon? Pair our 3/4-sleeve polo shirt with a women’s skirt, such as a pleated tennis skirt.

Heading to work for the day and want something casual and comfortable yet still professional? Wear a ¾-sleeve polo shirt with dressy women’s bottoms like work trousers or khaki pants. To add more dimension to the look, our ¾-sleeve polo shirts for women look fabulous with suit jackets, blazers, and other professional outerwear pieces.

Thinking of adding new 3/4-sleeve women’s polo shirts to your wardrobe collection? Visit Lands’ End today to find the best selection of three-quarter-sleeve polo shirt womens and more women’s polo shirts in all styles, sizes, cuts, colors, and prints.