Curtains for Living Room & Kitchen Curtains

Curtains for Living Room & Kitchen Curtains

Curtains and Drapes

It could be argued that a window cannot be as magnificent and splendid as it is without beautiful curtains. Windows would just be too bare and uninteresting without beautiful drapes, shades, or curtains to accentuate them. Aesthetic issues aside, window coverings are also necessary for privacy and safety reasons. If you are adding new window treatments, let us help you find the right styles for you!

Before you go out buying just any window drapes or window curtains, take the time to research different styles. See what is trending, what is timeless, and what fits with your current home decor. Doing your research will help you make an informed decision you are confident about.

If you like something timeless, cozy, dependable, and durable, you may prefer hard window treatments like louvered or fixed slats, usually made of plastic or wood. If you like the wood look but aren’t particularly interested in shutters, you might prefer woven wood shades, something that fits into a beach or ’70s decor theme. Woven wood shades also look impeccable when you contrast them against a white wall, giving your home a very classically sophisticated look.

Cellular shades are a great option for anyone who prefers a minimalist, no-nonsense style. They are dependable, unassuming, and there to do the job of a window treatment: keep light out when you need to and provide privacy. A treatment style like this also allows you to put the decor focus elsewhere, on something like accents or vintage furniture pieces. Pleated blinds are another excellent choice that provides all the benefits of cellular shades (in case you are looking for a style variation).

Window Treatments

If you want a truly functional window treatments styles, something that can be both practical and elegant, Venetian blinds may be the way to go. You can choose the material they are made with (like wood, metal, or plastic) and find a color that matches the design scheme of your home. You could invest in curtains that match or complement other decor pieces, like a duvet cover, a personalized pillow, or a throw blanket.

We have only scratched the surface when it comes to window treatments. There are plenty of other styles that have a more international flare, a less conventional look, or something completely vintage. Shoji panels, for example, are Japanese window treatments that are great for areas of your home like a sunroom. And Roman shades are fabulous for a minimalist but elegant style.

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