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Pool Shoes, Swim Shoes & Beach Shoes

Pool Shoes, Swim Shoes & Beach Shoes

Water Shoes & Sandals

If you don’t already have water shoes in your family swimwear collection, it may be time for you to add this super practical footwear style to your wardrobe before embarking on a wide range of water activities. Swimming shoes are fantastic for men, women, and children and offer several practical benefits. And they are stylish to boot! At Lands’ End, we offer an extensive selection of water, shoes, beach sandals, and more footwear options for the pool, beach, lake, or any other body of water you plan to spend time in or around.

Swimming Shoes

Water shoes are designed to be worn in the water, but they can also be worn on dry land. If you don’t want to worry about your feet being vulnerable to sand, dirt, and other natural (or even unnatural) debris while you are spending the day at the beach or hanging out by the lake, a pair of water shoes is a fabulous investment.

At Lands’ End, you can find countless men’s water shoes, women’s water shoes, and kids’ water shoes in many styles, shapes, and sizes. Some water shoes look very similar to sneakers yet are constructed with a waterproof feature so you can comfortably wear them in the water. Other styles include beach sandals and waterproof slide sandals that can be worn on the beach or in the water. Whether you are sailing on a boat all afternoon, packing your beach tote for a beach vacation, or just taking the kids to the local pool, a pair of water shoes will serve to complete the outfit and provide safety and practicality.

It goes without saying that the primary reason to invest in water shoes for the whole family is to keep your feet safe and comfortable. However, we pride ourselves on offering water shoes that are not only practical but stylish too! Kids can choose from fun, bright colors like orange, pink, green, and blue or opt for water shoes with unique prints.

A pair of sleek, strappy beach sandals look great with a pair of men’s swim trunks or a cute women’s swimsuit and swim shorts set or a stylish swim dress. For the kids, they can wear their colorful or print-designed water shoes with their favorite swim trunks, one-piece swimsuit, swim dress, tankini, or any other swimwear piece.

Shopping for beach shoes? Visit Lands’ End to find a wide selection of beach sandals and more water shoes for everyone in the whole family.