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Water Shoes & Sandals

Water Shoes for Women & Water Shoes for Kids

Water Shoes for Women & Water Shoes for Kids

Protect your feet in the water and on the sand with a smart pair of swim shoes from Lands' End. Our water shoes are ideal for summer vacations and watery fun closer to home.

The thick soles on our kid and adult water shoes can protect your feet from dangers lurking on the ocean floor including jagged rocks, sharp coral, and spiky sea urchins. Cuts aren't the only thing barefoot beachgoers have to worry about. Many sea creatures release venom and bacteria which can cause inflammation and infections. Wearing our sand shoes means you don't have to worry about those problems which can really sour your summer plans.

The soles of our pool shoes are also textured to help you grip smooth pool surfaces and uneven coastal terrain. This feature makes them great water aerobic shoes and water hiking shoes.

While the thought of swimming in shoes may seem strange at first, our beach shoes can actually help you swim better. Water sandals and shoes can act like little fins as you move through the water, propelling you forward with less effort so you can swim further without feeling fatigued. Wet shoes will also keep your feet warm so you can stay more focused on your performance.

Aqua shoes are best known for their performance in the water, but you'll also love wearing them on dry land. Their thick soles can help your sensitive feet feel their best when you're walking on scorching hot sand and exploring the rocky tide pools around your favorite beach breaks.

Our summer shoes are available in a wide range of styles, including beach sandals, boat shoes, and Mary Janes. Style the pair you love best with your favorite women’s swimsuit or swim trunks for a striking summer look. 

Visit Lands' End for the best water shoes for the entire family. We have swimming shoes for men, women, and kids in a wide range of sizes and colors. Get yours and enjoy stress-free summer fun when you shop with Lands' End.