Kids' White Socks

Kids' Cotton Socks

Kids' Cotton Socks

If your kids spend a lot of time in their shoes every day, you have to make sure they have good socks. Socks are essential accessories that offer additional cushion for your children's feet so that they'll feel more comfortable and less fatigued when they're standing, walking, or running. They also serve the important purpose of preventing foot problems and injuries. If you're planning to get high-quality socks for your kids, you've come to the right place. Lands' End has a great selection of children's socks that are specially designed to provide optimal comfort and protection for your kids' feet.

If you're looking for socks that are suitable for everyday wear, our popular kids' basic socks are a great option. Made of an incredibly soft fabric, these kids' cotton socks can keep your children's feet comfortable all day long. They have a hint of Spandex to ensure a snug fit and a measure of polyester for greater durability. Their reinforced toes and heels are highly resistant to wear and tear, so they can serve your children well for a long time. These kids' white socks go well with kids' shoes of any color.

We also have kids' socks that are specially made for specific physical activities, such as white youth baseball socks and athletic low-cut socks. If your children enjoy jogging or running, consider getting them our children's white ankle socks. Made of a polyester blend fabric, these socks feature a mesh knit upper to provide excellent breathability and rib arch support to reduce fatigue and risk of injuries. They also come with an antimicrobial finish to keep the fabric fresh and reinforced heels and toes for enhanced durability. These socks look especially great with kids' sneakers and active shoes.

Lands' End's children's white socks are sold in packs of three. They're available in four different sizes: small for toddler shoe sizes 5 to 8, medium for children shoe sizes 9 to 13, large for youth shoe sizes 1 to 4, and extra large for youth shoe sizes 5 to 9. Our kids' socks offer great value for money because of their excellent comfort and durability. Browse our store now to find the perfect socks for your children.