Kids' Socks

Kids Sock Sizes

Kids Sock Sizes

Every kid needs socks. If you're shopping for socks for your child, purchase top quality pairs that are comfortable and cool. You can find kids' socks at Lands' End that are ideal for your son or daughter.

If your child is participating in sports or gym class, they need a pair of kids' tube socks. You want to find tube socks that won't slip, so shop at Lands' End for top quality socks that are comfortable and designed to stand up during athletic use. The tube socks for sale at Lands' End are made with cotton-blend materials that are durable and cozy for kids.

As winter approaches, you want to make sure your child is warm and protected from head to toe. We sell kids' winter socks for children of all ages. These winter socks are made with thermal materials that keep your kid's feet warm. Kids' boot socks pair perfectly with the kids' winter boots we have available at Lands' End.

If you have a child who attends private school, they may be in need of kids' knee socks. Some schools require girls to wear knee socks with their school uniforms. You can shop for navy blue pleated skirts and the best kids' socks at the same place when you shop with Lands' End!

Your child can express their personal style with kids' long socks from Lands' End. We have socks in a variety of colors and styles that are sure to please your kid. Find socks with fun patterns or bright colors to help your child show off their personality.

We have an extensive selection of socks available at Lands' End. We have socks that are suited for winter, as well as lighter socks that are best for the summertime. We also have socks for children of all ages, no matter their shoe size. To find a variety of kids' sock sizes, shop today at Lands' End!