Unisex Kids Slippers

Kids Slippers & Kids Moccasins

Kids Slippers & Kids Moccasins

Keep little feet cozy with this extensive collection of children's slippers from Lands' End. Our stylish and comfortable designs are just what kids need for hanging around the house. Whether you're looking for kids' moccasins, kids' fur slides, or anything in between, you'll find the perfect pair of slippers here. Relaxation time just got a serious upgrade thanks to our cozy collection! Kids will reach for their favorite slippers time and time again.

Time spent around the house calls for comfortable, cozy designs that let kids relax and unwind. That's certainly true of their slippers! And thanks to this Lands' End collection, it's easier than ever before to find slippers that let kids show off their unique sense of style. If your child is searching for sophistication, we have the ideal youth slippers here. Children will love wearing kids' moccasin slippers that look just like the slippers their parents and grandparents wear. You can even get these slippers monogrammed if your kid is into classic style.

We also offer plenty of kid-friendly patterns and shapes for kids looking to have fun with their slippers. From animal shapes to bold graphics to glitter and beyond, there's a look here ready for any child. They can wear their favorite kids' house slippers before going to get some rest in a bed made up with equally-fun kids' bedding. There are so many possibilities, thanks to our collection of slippers for kids!

Our kids' house shoes are an essential item in any child's wardrobe. They pair perfectly with girls' and boys' pajamas when kids are hanging out before bedtime, heading down to breakfast, or enjoying movie night with the whole family. Our slippers look just as good when worn with kids' T-shirts and sweatpants, too, and they'll keep those feet nice and cozy when kids are doing homework after school.

You can always shop with total confidence at Lands' End when you're looking for clothing and accessories for your kids. Our products deliver quality, durability, and above all, comfort. That's certainly true of the slippers in this collection!

We offer our designs in a range of sizes, too, so whether you're looking for big kid slippers, little kid slippers, or slippers for toddlers, you'll find the perfect pair here. No matter your child's style, there's a cozy set of slippers waiting to take their at-home wardrobe to the next level. Shop the collection of unisex kids' slippers at Lands' End today.